11 Year Celebration

Come to Our 11th Birthday & Leyton Grand Opening

Celebrate our new Leyton location & 11th birthday on Sunday, 5th of September.

We’re hosting live mini-workshops, free mini massages and free postural assessments, with a hot drink on the house.

Event Details & How to Book

When: 5 September 2021, Sunday, 13:00-16:00

Where: Cafe Juno on the corner of Ruckholt Rd and Oliver Way

How to Join: Click on the button above to get your ticket for £5**. 

The ticket includes one hot drink, free access to our mini workshops, mini massages and posture assessments PLUS is a £5 coupon off a full session with us. 

**Use the ticket as a £5 voucher towards a session with us.

What's On Offer

Safety Precautions

We are following safety precautions on the day – this includes:

Limiting the number of people in the cafe at a time

Wearing masks when not seated

Social distancing & hand sanitising

LSM's 11th Birthday Promotion

We’re so grateful to have been serving our community for more than a decade, especially after the year we just had. 

We’re celebrating with a combination 11th year birthday/ Leyton ReOpening Celebration / Fundraiser to help us prepare for the next 11 years (or, really, the next 12 months). 

This is the biggest promotion we’ve ever done, and we have something for everyone. 

Have a look at what we’re offering below, and if any of them speak to you, please take us up on these offers – they will go a long way to helping us recover from the previous year AND furthering our goal of helping everyone in London get live life closer to pain-free. 

We’d love your help to spread the word, so if you know anyone who might benefit from any of these products, please feel free to share this page with them.

If you’d like to help us promote it in exchange for a free massage session, contact us about how to become an ambassador!

our promotions until 31 August 2021:
(scroll down for details on each one)

*valid for sessions with any therapist except Katherine

Refer-a-Friend Offer

2 x 60-minute sessions for £100

On the top of our list is our refer-a-friend offer. 

If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from our work, who hasn’t been to us before, choose this option and you each get a 60 min session with us for £100 total – saving £15 each. 

We would absolutely love to have more people be aware of all our locations, so you can get as many of these as you have new friends to send us! 

note: the person you’re referring does have to be a new client to the clinic, aka not have been before, and new client sessions available with all therapists except Katherine

All Our Visualisations

Get all four of our guided visualisations to help improve your breathing, relax your whole body, create a protective bubble & help re-energise yourself. 

In this visualisation bundle, you’ll get:

  • Guided Breathing Visualisation: connect to your diaphragm, stimulate your rest & restore response, re-connect to correct breathing patterns
  • Full Body Scan: to find where in your body you’re holding tension & release it
  • Bubble Visualisation: create a bubble around you to protect your energy 
  • Energising Visualisation: to help you energetically recharge when you’re feeling tired & need a quick boost
No Pain at Work graphic

No Pain at Work

Save £100 on No Pain at Work – only £97

How would it feel to have 24/7 access to all information we teach our clients who WFH and/or at a computer? 

To never worry about forgetting posture, stretches, desk set up or anything else? 

Choose this offer and you get all the visualisations AND the ergonomic mini course included, plus 10 stretches and exercises, techniques to fit in your self-care in 5-10 minutes/day, and more. 

Ergonomic Mini-Course

The problem with most ergonomic set up courses is they assume you have access to the perfect everything. 

Not this course! 

Yes, in the first section you’ll learn the ‘ideal’ way to set everything up. 

Then, I walk you through how to set up in ‘less-than-ideal’ settings. Our clients say the ergonomic bonus is worth the cost of NPAW alone, for how much aggro it saves them in cafes and while travelling or WFH.

Bumper Pack of Massage Sessions

5 x 60 min sessions: £300

10 x 60 min session: £600 

These bundles save you about 10% over buying them individually, and we will be reviewing our prices in September, so if you’re not a member of LSM, grabbing a bundle of sessions is a great way to both support us and save a bit of money on your massage sessions over the next few months.

note: 5 pack valid for 6 months, 10 pack valid for 12 months, all sessions are redeemable with any therapist at the clinic except Katherine. Sessions in the pack are not transferrable & all sessions to be used by one person.

Have questions? I've got answers!

If you’re a client or friend of the clinic and want to help us spread the word about our 11th birthday celebration & promotion, we’d love to have your help! 

All you have to do is share a certain number of times on your own social media profiles (and email list if you’re game!) and as a thank you you’ll get a free 60 minute session with the therapist of your choice – and yes, if you’re one of Katherine’s clients that includes Katherine. 

Just get in touch via the contact form or email info [at] leytonsportsmassage.com.

We definitely recommend you check with the person you’d like to send to the clinic before getting the refer-a-friend offer. After you purchase, we’ll ask for the name and email of the person you’ve referred and input them into our system. If it comes up that they’ve been to the clinic before, we’ll let you know. 

At that point, you can either refer a different friend, or we’ll refund you. 

Right now Leyton is open for clients, so you’re welcome to book at Leyton any time! We’re planning on having the party at the beginning of September at Cafe Juno in our new Leyton location. 

We’ve tentatively scheduled it for 5th September, and we’ll let you know more details as we have them. 

All special offers/promotional prices are valid until 31 August 2021. 

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