A Gift for You: Choose Your Tea

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New at LSM, just in time for our 7th birthday, we’re adding a little treat at the end of  each session to encourage you to re-hydrate after your session.

Free tea bags will be available from 20 August 2017.

Choose a Pukka Tea!

We’re now offering a selection of Pukka teas for you to choose from at the end of each session. You can take it home to enjoy or bring a cup with you and use the hot water facilities at any of our three (Angel, Leyton, or Walthamstow) locations.

I’ve loved Pukka teas ever since I first came across them a few years ago. They have some of the yummiest flavour combinations and most beautiful packaging (yes, I’m a sucker for good branding).

Not only do they taste good and look good, they do good – both the teas and the company.

Below is a list of the flavours we’ll have in our 3 locations.

If you love a flavour, you can also buy a box to take home with you (just let us know beforehand so we can make sure we have your choice in stock).

So many to choose from…

So you can decide ahead of time which you’d like to try, here are the teas we currently have that you can choose from.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide – you can always choose a different one at your next appointment!


What better way to help you make the most of your session but a ‘relax’ tea?

Pukka says: ‘Our original vata balancing tea with chamomile flowers and fennel.
Stress aggravates the nervous system and digestion, so this tea is blended with sweet and bitter fennel seed, chamomile flower and licorice root to calm nervous anxiety in the digestion and relax the smooth muscles to prevent cramps and reduce abdominal bloating.
The addition of marshmallow root provides a sweet balance to the blend and heals mucus membranes in the body, counteracting dryness and inflammation.’


Another good one to support your body’s response to your massage session.

Pukka says: ‘A healing blend of peppermint and nettle – delicious chlorophyll-rich herbs that purify the blood, soothe the liver and cleanse the skin. Nettle leaf, the blood cleanser par excellence. Nourishing, cleansing and rich in chlorophyll, not the kind that will give you a sting but used for centuries as a blood tonic. Assisted by fennel seed and peppermint leaf to soothe the digestive system we have also added aloe vera powder to help cool and heal the skin.’

Vanilla Chai

This is one of my personal favourites. It has a hint of cinnamon as well as vanilla.

Pukka says: ‘Organic caffeine-free herbal tea to awaken your senses. Lightly sweetened with cinnamon bark and cardamom seed, this warming and spicy chai blend is a great digestive tonic. We’ve added licorice root and vanilla pod for a comforting natural sweetness. The perfect minty blend for healthy skin.’


Pukka says: ‘A loving blend of delicious flowers created to warm your heart. Blended with chamomile flower, lime flower and elderflower to soothe the
nerves and promote clear thinking. Herbs such as rose flowers and lavender flowers have special affinity with the heart and encourage the release of emotional tension. It’s for this reason that they are
traditionally used to alleviate grief and to comfort a broken heart. This is the ultimate relaxing love blend.’

Three Cinnamon

This is another one of my personal favourites and I find it almost addictive! Obviously, not the best choice for someone who doesn’t like cinnamon 🙂

Pukka says: ‘Cinnamon’s fragrant inner bark provides an invigorating and flavoursome brew.
Sourced from Vietnam, Indonesia and India, the distinctive sweet spiciness comes from a flavour compound called cinnamaldehyde. Traditionally cinnamon has been used to stimulate sluggish digestion,
increase circulation and clear mucus in the chest. It is reputed to improve gum health and promote healthy gut flora as well as balance blood sugar levels in the body.’


This is one of Sarah’s favourites, and it’s not one you’ll often find in supermarkets.

Pukka says ‘Our original kapha reducing tea blended with fragrant
spices to give you an energising lift. A spicy blend of cinnamon bark, cardamom seed and ginger root that works in harmony to clear mucus and stimulate a sluggish digestion. This warming formula also incorporates green tea, black pepper, elderflower and orange peel, to balance the whole digestive system and restore vitality.’


This is a great one to relax with at bedtime. I drink it as I journal at the end of the day.

Pukka says: ‘A sweet and soothing blend to encourage a blissfully restful sleep. Valerian acts as a natural sedative to ease tension and anxiety. It also encourages undisturbed good quality sleep and promotes a healthy sleeping pattern. The addition of lavender flower, oatstraw flowering tops, chamomile flower and lime flower soothes, calms and grounds your body and mind. This helps welcome a restful sleep, allowing you to
awake refreshed and full of vigour.’

Which one will you choose?

(just a side note: these are herbal teas and as such may not be appropriate for everyone depending on if you’re pregnant, on certain medication or have certain medical conditions. Please take appropriate care when choosing a tea and if necessary consult with an appropriate healthcare professional if you do fall into one of those categories)

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