Resources for Desk Workers

Do you suffer with desk-related neck, shoulder, or back pain?

So do many of our clients!

Up to 53% of desk workers suffer from neck and shoulder pain, according to BMC Musculoskeletal Journal.

Over the years we’ve seen a huge number of people with neck & shoulder pain from sitting at their desk and would love to help you with yours.

Scroll down to see how we can help – from targeted sport & remedial massage therapy just for desk workers to articles to our free 7-day minicourse so you can get started straight away.

Free – Neck & Shoulder Pain Course

help your desk-related neck & shoulder pain with our free courseWe have a free 7-day email & video course you can sign up for to get started on your neck & shoulder pain right now.

Click here to register (form opens in a new window), and you’ll get the first email straight away.

In the course you’ll learn:

  • why you get neck & shoulder pain from working at your desk
  • key mindset shifts you need to make a lasting difference
  • my favourite stretch to stop it
  • how to make a difference in only a few minutes a day
  • common mistakes you’re probably making when you’re trying to fix your neck & shoulder pain
  • myths many people believe that stop them from even trying

The course is one of our favourites because you can get started straight away.

60 or 90-min Desk Worker’s MOT

deskworkers' MOT: for neck and shoulder pain or other desk-related aches
to book: click & choose ‘sport & remedial massage therapy’

We’ve seen so many desk workers over the years that we’ve created a special session just for it – the desk worker’s MOT.

In a nutshell, we focus on the areas that tend to be most problematic for desk workers, which is usually neck, shoulders, upper back and sometimes lower back.

It’s not a formula though!

Even though we know what to look for, you’ll still get posture and movement assessments so we’re being targeted for your problems and we make the most progress on your specific complaint as possible.

Want the longer description? Click here to read all about our MOT’s (we also have them for runners, cyclists, and more general MOT’s).

Convinced you want a desk worker MOT? Click here to go to our online booking at one of our 3 convenient London locations. Choose 60 or 90 min Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy and let us know in the notes you’re looking for an Office Worker or Desk Worker MOT.

The No Pain at Work Full Course

Everything you need to know about how you can fix your neck & shoulder pain.

We also offer a full 6-week paid version of No Pain at Work.

If you’ve done the free course and would like more, you can get just the online version or get our NPAW package with 3 x 60 minute massages.

NPAW opens at the end of most months and is available to anyone who’s gone through the free course.*

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the free course by clicking here.

Our Other Free Articles

We also have a collection of tips and articles just for desk workers.

Click here to browse our tips for desk workers category, or choose from one of our most popular posts below.

Want to Know Why You Get Neck & Shoulder Pain? Read This

6 Easy Tips for Helping Your Neck & Shoulder Pain at Your Desk

*we don’t recommend you sign up for the paid No Pain at Work unless you’ve done the free one – sometimes the free one is all you need, and if not, the free minicourse gives you a good taste of what our full course is like.

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