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There are so many benefits to regular exercise, and we hope being a member will help you stick to your routine and achieve your goals. One of the biggest blocks to keeping up a fitness routine is an injury. Often, before you’ve even started or increased your training, muscle tension has been building up due to posture or poor movement patterns, for months or years without us noticing. Then, a change in our routine is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and surprise! Muscle spasm. Or worse, injury. That means you have to rest for weeks. While this doesn’t happen to everyone, we’ve seen time and time again how disappointing it is to have to take a break from a new fitness regimen because of an injury. For that reason, we offer all new FF members 10% off their first session with us if you see us within 30 days of joining FF.

The aim of this session? Identify any imbalances before they cause a problem.

If there’s nothing bothering you, an MOT session can identify where you’re carrying imbalances, so we can use targeted soft tissue techniques to reduce muscle tension. If you do have a niggle, we can work specifically on that issue to reduce the chance it will affect your training. You’ll leave with a better sense of what’s going on with your body and some simple self-care advice to help the effects last as long as possible.

Part of Your Health Team

We would love to be part of your health team. If you’ve signed up to work with a PT, we can send them a report of what we find (with your permission, of course) so they can incorporate what we find into your training sessions. We believe coordinating your care with your other healthcare professionals helps you get the best results possible. This extends not only to PT’s, but physios, osteos, and any other complementary practitioners you see.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients come to us either regularly for maintenance, for a series of sessions for a specific problem, or as and when they need a checkup. They tell us after their sessions they feel:
  • Lighter (like it’s easier to move around)
  • More relaxed and less stressed (and had some of their best sleep ever)
  • More flexible
  • More powerful in their workouts
We’ve even had clients get PB’s after sessions, without putting in extra effort! Of course, results vary from person to person and how much we can help really depends on what you walk in with. We’ve included links below so you can check out what we have to offer – from MOT’s to maintenance, resources for runners/cyclists/tri, desk workers, and even a lunch-time pick-me-up. If you’re ready to book a session now, click here to go straight to our online booking page, which also has details of how to book over the phone, if that’s what you prefer. Remember, bring in your FF welcome email within 30 days of joining to get 10% off your session, on top of your regular Fitness First member discount.**

What’s next?

Check out our MOT’s, specific problem massages, and maintenance sessions:

read about maintenance massage

Or have a look at our resources for desk workers and runners/cyclist/tri:

Stuck for time? How about our Wednesday lunchtime refresh:

**All Fitness First members get £5 off 90, 60 and 45-minute sessions. Bring in your welcome email and get 10% off your first session, of 90 or 60 minutes, on top of your normal FF discount. 10% off new member offer not valid with other one-time discounts.

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