Help for a Chronic Problem

Is it time get to the bottom of a muscle-related pain that’s been bothering you for ages?

We would LOVE to help you.

We’re not a spa massage – or a lay down float away and get a really nice skin polish type of place. (both of which I personally love, by the way)

We offer a very specific type of specialised, targeted massage therapy that’s designed to empower our clients to become pain free or as close to it as possible. 

Many of our clients come to us after seeing a handful of physios, osteos, and other types of massage therapy.

They’re often on the point of losing hope that they’ll ever get rid of their knee pain, or shoulder pain, or whatever problem has been plaguing them for the last few months, years… even decades.

If you’ve got a specific pain or problem and would love someone to:

  • walk you through what’s likely going on in your body,
  • release muscle tension that could be causing the problem &
  • give you the least amount of self care necessary to keep it away,

we’re your people.

Our goal is to enable our clients to:

  • get pain-free,
  • continue doing the activities they love, and
  • have the tools to manage their own bodies to stay that way.

Sarah, who suffered with a chronic neck pain & spasm, says:

“I spent a long time thinking it was a trapped nerve… after seeing LSM, I found out it was a muscle problem and even after just one session I was able to move my head!”

I had been suffering with a reoccurring neck problem, which would leave me in a lot of pain and fairly immobile. I spent a long time thinking it was a trapped nerve. However, after seeing LSM, I found out it was a muscle problem and even after just one session the pain eased and I was able to move my head! I took a course of sessions over about two months and haven’t looked back, they were also able to show me how I could improve the muscle strength in my neck/back in order to help prevent any reoccurrence. I would highly recommend LSM to anyone suffering from muscular tension and pain.

Chronic or long-term pain affects every area of your life

But we don’t have to tell you that.

It’s exhausting – everything takes more energy because you have to figure out how to navigate it with the least amount of pain (or you have to just bear the pain as you go).

It’s isolating – at first you might get sympathy, but after a few weeks, months, or years, people start saying things like

‘Mom, stop overexaggerating.’


‘Oh, you haven’t mentioned it for a while so I thought it had gone’.

We know exactly what it’s like to live with chronic pain that you’ve just about given up on – we see it all the time.

You start to shut down the connection with your body to give yourself a break from the pain.

You get to the point where you just exist with a dull ache or buzz in the back of your brain, draining your energy.

That dull ache is punctuated by days or movements that create excruciating, breath-stealing pain.

At LSM, we draw on our knowledge of how the body works, how muscles compensate and tense up over time to create imbalances (that pinch, squeeze, and restrict) and apply it to your body to help you get yourself pain-free, or as close to it as possible.

When the underlying cause of your pain is mostly related to movement and muscle tension, we have a very good success rate with our clients – if not getting rid of the pain completely (always our goal), reducing it as much as possible. 

If you have a specific issue and want more information before committing to a full session, you can book a free 10-min consultation call OR book a £10 mini-session to get a sense of our work


We work structurally & treat the body as a whole

We believe that our bodies have an ideal position and ideal movement patterns.

When the body is out of that position, muscles overwork, compensate, and create compression or restrictions that cause pain in muscles, joints, and nerve problems.

This belief is backed up by 10 years of observing and effectively helping our clients.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Assessing where your body is out of balance/alignment with posture & movement tests
  • Using targeted & specialised massage techniques to release overly tight muscles & connective tissues
  • Explaining what we’re finding and the changes, exercises or stretches you need to do to prevent it from coming back (with a goal to keep it to no more than 5-10 minutes a day over the long term)
  • Helping you reconnect to your body so you can notice restrictions BEFORE they turn into pain.

Our approach is collaborative – we can’t get you better without your involvement. That’s why we focus so much on explaining what we find, and creating a self-care plan WITH you that YOU feel is manageable.

If this approach sounds good to you, and you’re ready to tackle this pain, here’s your next step:

Book a first appointment with us online here. If you’re sure you have at least some muscle tension, we can get started releasing it and discuss a plan to tackle it going forward while we’re working on your muscle tension.

Book a £10 mini-session. You get a taste of how we work & what it feels like before committing to a full session.

Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation. This is good if you’d like to confirm that your pain is one we’ve helped before.


If you’re thinking ‘but I’ve already seen 2 physios, an osteo, and a psychic camel, how will this be different?’ … read this

I KNOW how frustrating and disappointing it is to see a handful of people with no results – you end up a bit hopeless that there’s even an answer out there!

There’s often a feeling of

‘how do I know this isn’t going to be just another waste of money and I’ll end up right back where I started?’

(or, if you’re like some of the clients we’ve seen, you may have ended up worse after seeing someone new) 

We know this because we see it all the time.

I can’t tell you how often we get clients with chronic problems who’ve seen 3-5 other people with no results.

We get the results we do get is because we take a very structural, whole-body approach.

We don’t pull out a theragun and pound the area of pain, or stick needles in the place that hurts without looking at the rest of the body.

We don’t tell you that you have to rest when it hurts, only for you to then go and two weeks later run again and feel the same pain, or wake up with yet ANOTHER muscle spasm.

We don’t say ‘oh, your posture’s terrible’ or ‘oh, your glutes don’t fire’  without giving you clear, specific instructions on how to make it better.

We can’t help every single body pain – it has to be muscle-related. But you’d be surprised how much body pain is muscle-related.

Christopher, who we saw while he was training for a marathon, said: 

“Where several other expensive professionals had previously failed, two expert therapists… more than exceeded expectations.”

‘After seeking expert advice across the capital, my aching joints stumbled upon Leyton Sports Massage – recommended in conversation by a close friend. Where several other expensive professionals had previously failed, two expert therapists here – sharing extensive notes between them – more than exceeded expectations. Together they transformed my body over a five week period, getting me ready and raring to achieve a new PB at the 2015 London Marathon. LSM offer a friendly, in-depth service with a genuine human touch, focused on catering to a client’s unique requirements. So much so that I now look at my body in a whole new light. Thanks guys!’


Need help deciding if we’re right for you?

We understand it’s a big decision to see someone new when you’ve had something for ages and seen a bunch of people.

Here’s what you can do:

Book a 10-min consultation or £10 mini session to get some personalised feedback (links below).

Or check out our articles on this website or watch some of our YouTube channel.

Compare the way we talk and explain things to other people you’ve seen

The recent (as of when I’m writing this) long-term pain problem people who ended up seeing us first read our articles and watched our videos. They KNEW we were right for them because of the way we spoke about the body.

We would LOVE to guarantee you a pain-free outcome, but the body is both totally logical and also a bit unpredictable and mysterious. 

What we CAN and DO promise is that in every session we’re looking for a certain amount of progress. If we don’t see the progress we want, we don’t keep going.


How long do you want to keep this pain?

This, ultimately, is the question. 

I completely understand all the reasons you might feel worried

  1. you’ve seen so many people,
  2. this pain feels permanent,
  3. you don’t want to get your hopes up,
  4. oh, it’s not so bad right now, maybe later.

One thing we know is true and we see it all the time – the longer you take to take care of something, the more sessions it needs and the more expensive it is.

So IF you’ve looked at our site and feel there’s a good chance we can help you, the only question is, how long do you want to keep this pain before you try again to get rid of it?

You deserve to be pain-free (or as close to it as possible).


Laura, who had both chronic neck & shoulder pain (10 years) and knee pain, says this:

“I wasn’t expecting to have my knee fixed, I had gone in with neck pain and they managed to fix both!”

I had recurrent neck stiffness, headaches, pain under my shoulder blades and tight traps for most of my working life – about 10 years. I also had knee pain, which I got whenever I ran further than a couple of kilometres. At that point, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to fix my neck pain without giving up my desk job. I had seen countless massage therapists, osteopaths and physiotherapists which all gave me short term relief but never fixed the underlying problem. For my knee, I’d seen one of the top osteopaths in the City and while he identified the problem, he told me that the best option was to stop running and the pain would go away.

My neck is feeling so much better and I now know how to fix the problem when tension arises without having to resort to massage. People have even commented on how much better my posture is. Following my treatment I’ve taken up running again. So far I’ve run 5 miles pain-free. It’s brought back so much enjoyment to exercise! I wasn’t expecting to have my knee fixed, I had gone in with neck pain and they managed to fix both!


Here’s what we CAN guarantee:

  • We’ll always explain what we’re doing & why
  • We’ll include you as an equal partner in the decision-making progress
  • We’ll tell you straight what we think – including if we don’t think we can help you
  • If you don’t have a great experience with us, we will make it right

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take the first step towards dealing with your chronic pain or problem, choose the options that’s best for you below:

Click here to book your first appointment with us

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Click here to book a free phone consultation with one of our therapists

We can’t wait to see you and start working towards getting you pain free!



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