If you want to have regular maintenance massages, our memberships are here to help.

Many of our clients want to have a massage once a month to stay on top of their health, support stress management and relaxation, or support their training/lifestyle.

Our memberships are designed to help you stick to that goal of having a regular massage and taking care of yourself between sessions.

Here’s what you get:

  • More time in your session (with automatic payment, we don’t have to take one in your session)
  • A reserved slot* (this is optional – you don’t HAVE to choose a regular day, but you CAN, meaning it becomes a part of your regular schedule – slots subject to availability, but once we confirm your slot we will save it for you each month)
  • Exercise prescription software with text and email reminders to keep on top of your home care between sessions (worth £15/month).
  • Miss a session? You can have two the next month if you want* (max 2 sessions in a month)
  • Or, gift up to three per year to family or friends* (this is good if you might miss a session once a month)
  • The 12th month is free.
  • 10% off any second or third massage you have in a month*

How to Join

If you’d like to commit to a monthly massage and think our membership will help you do it, here’s what you do:

Step 1:  Click here to fill out the registration form. 

Step 2: Within 48 hours we’ll send you a link to input your card details and set up a monthly payment (we need to send you the right link for what you regularly pay).

Step 3: Book your massage or reserve your slot – and be proud of yourself for committing to take care of yourself.

*This membership is best if you want a monthly session, but we can also set up regular payments for six-weekly or bi-monthly sessions. You’ll still get your 12th month free and the time saving in the session. Any asterisks above only apply to monthly memberships.  

Terms & Conditions

We don’t have a minimum term for memberships, but we do ask that if you join to please plan on a minimum of 6 months in the membership.

After you join as a member you have a 14-day cooling-off period, during which you can cancel and receive a refund, no questions asked – the only exception being if you’ve already had a massage within that 14 day period. You can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice. We are able to freeze memberships if needed with 30 days’ notice. Please be sure to read the terms & conditions in full when you finalise your membership registration with your card details.

Please note if you don’t reserve a regular slot, sessions are subject to availability and refunds are not available where a client hasn’t been able to find a slot that works for them that month, as long as there are still slots free. We strongly recommend if your availability is limited that you book early or choose a regular slot to avoid disappointment, as refunds will not be given if you’re unable to find a slot that works for you at the end of the month.

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