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Just because you're not a teenager anymore doesn't mean that you have to live with aches and pains that interrupt life & training.

Everything we offer at Leyton Sports Massage is about helping you feel better.

Our aim is to:

  • reduce every day aches and pains
  • reduce muscle tension that can interrupt your training
  • help you understand how to take care of yourself with stretches and exercises (that don’t require you to be doing self-care homework 2 hrs a day!)
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We offer an approach to massage therapy that may be different to what you think of when you think of massage.

Our style of specialised, targeted sport & remedial massage can help with:

How We Can Help

Sport & Remedial Massage for Other Problems

Services for Desk Workers

Services for Runners/Cyclists/Triathletes

Our Massage Therapy for Specific Problems

Monthly/6-weekly Maintenance Massage


Sport & Remedial (& Deep Tissue) Massage

Have you ever gone for a massage, laid there for an hour, maybe felt better when you walked away and maybe didn’t, but had no idea why the therapist did what they did or how to take care of yourself going forward

Not at this clinic.

At LSM we offer a different kind of sport & remedial massage – we look at the whole system and re-balance the imbalances while releasing muscle & fascial restrictions that are causing you discomfort.

We want you to walk away with a better understanding of how your muscles relate to themselves and how you can take care of yourself – whether you choose to have a few sessions with us to address a specific problem or try to focus on self-care and just coming back as and when you need it.

We apply this approach to each and every complaint we see. Scroll down to see how we work with some of our most common complaints, and to learn what an MOT, maintenance, and specific problem massage are.

Help for Desk Workers

Desk-related aches and pains are SUUPPEERRR common.

We see neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, wrist and more.

If you’d like to read more about our resources for desk workers, click here.

If you have a specific desk-related problem that’s been bothering you for a long time, try our massage for a specific problem.

If you have a few minor aches and pains and just want to see what’s up with your body, try our desk worker’s MOT.

We also have a free facebook group for deskworkers. Click here to join.

Help for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes

You don’t have to do sports to need our sports massage (see desk workers above) but we do see a lot of desk workers who are also serious athletes.

We have MOT’s for runners, cyclists, and triathletes, as well as maintenance sessions you can use to help you prepare for your event.

Come to see us BEFORE your niggle turns into an injury – we love helping our clients achieve their event goals!

For tips to prepare and keep yourself healthy you can also join our free Facebook group for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Click here to join.


MOT’s are one of our more popular services. For more information, you can read our MOT page here.

Runner’s MOT

Assesses posture, the tension in leg muscles including hip flexors advises where you may be developing imbalances.

Includes some advice on stretching or foam rolling based on what we find in your muscles.

To book: choose 60 or 90 minute Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, and in notes advise ‘reason: runner’s MOT’

Office Worker’s MOT

Assesses posture, tension in neck/shoulders/back/hip flexors advises where you have postural imbalances that could contribute to pain in these areas. 90-min sessions can include hands/wrists/elbows.

Includes some advice on stretching or postural adjustments based on what we find in your muscles.

To book: choose 60 or 90 minute Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, and in notes advise ‘reason: office worker’s MOT’

Other MOT’s available:

Cyclist’s MOT;

Driver’s MOT (if you drive a lot for your job);

New Parent MOT (for all those new aches & pains of parenthood)

Maintenance Massage

If you want to have the benefits of regular massage and don’t have a specific injury that requires the attention of a series of massages to work out a specific problem, maintenance massage is probably what you’re looking for.

Maintenance sessions are usually 60-minute sessions you have once a month, once every six weeks, or sometimes every 2 weeks or every 2 months.

You’ll discuss your needs with your therapist and based on what’s going on in your muscles and why you want them (to keep on top of stress, to stay healthy while running) you can agree an interval that will work for you.

Pregnancy Services

We offer massage to help with aches, pains, and stress while you’re pregnant, by therapists specially qualified in pregnancy treatments.

Important note: We can only see you after your first trimester is over, and our insurance requires us to ask you to get confirmation from your GP or midwife that you are okay to receive a massage from us prior to your session (verbal confirmation is fine).

To book: Choose Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, and include ‘pregnancy massage’ as a reason for the session.


We run a number of workshops available on an interest-only basis. Our minimum number of people for a workshop is 15, so if you’d like to be notified the next time we’re running a workshop, or you’re part of a group that would like to schedule one, please get in touch either via email at info@leytonsportsmassage.com or on our contact page.

Foam-Rolling Workshop

This one-hour workshop runs through techniques for effective foam rolling without an excess of pain or discomfort. Participants receive personalised advice with regards to technique and positions, and a hand out with notes from the workshop to take home with them.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Workshop for Desk Workers

This one-hour workshop reviews common causes for neck & shoulder pain and explains good posture. Participants are taught a few basic stretches and exercises on how to improve their neck and shoulder pain, and tips on how to easily incorporate those techniques in their day to day life. All workshop attendees receive notes and a handout with detailed explanations of the stretches, exercises, and techniques.

Glute Activation Workshop

The underutilisation of the glutes and pelvic instability is a really common cause for a lot of problems for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Our glute activation workshop is run and developed with a personal trainer who specialises in glute activation and gives you a range of exercises, from very basic beginner to more advanced exercises so you can work your way up as you get more stable. Each participant receives personalised instruction regarding their technique, and notes to take home that includes the theory behind the techniques and detailed how-tos for each exercise.

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