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Christopher, marathon training
Alan, cyclist
Andrew, chronic leg and back pain
Sarah, neck pain and spasm
Daniel, Commonwealth Games sprinter
Christian, general maintenance
Alan, triathlete
Liz, runner

Christopher, marathon training

After seeking expert advice across the capital, my aching joints stumbled upon Leyton Sports Massage – recommended in conversation by a close friend. Where several other expensive professionals had previously failed, two expert therapists here – sharing extensive notes between them – more than exceeded expectations. Together they transformed my body over a five week period, getting me ready and raring to achieve a new PB at the 2015 London Marathon. LSM offer a friendly, in-depth service with a genuine human touch, focused on catering to a client’s unique requirements. So much so that I now look at my body in a whole new light. Thanks guys!

Alan, cyclist

“As an avid road cyclist, I’m constantly searching for effective ways to improve my performance and have found that looking after my muscles is key. The combination of hard training, club riding and a busy lifestyle, can put serious strain on my muscles and I’ve found Katherine’s deep tissue massage techniques hugely beneficial in terms of better flexibility, less muscle tightness/pain and improved suppleness. I have felt really positive results in being able to achieve better power output on the bike and hence improved overall performance. I have to say Katherine’s particular attention to my ITB, adductors and quads have made a world of difference to my riding and left my club mates scratching their heads as to the secret of my new-found performance”

Andrew, chronic leg and back pain

Thank you for an excellent service provided from Leyton Sports Massage. I’ve seen three practitioners over the past 2 years and they have all been very skilled and knowledgeable. They have been very helpful in pinpointing problem areas (even in areas that I had previously not realised were tight) and helped provide release. They have also suggested effective exercises to help with maintenance. This has significantly improved my chronic leg and back muscle pain. They have also all been very friendly and professional, leading to a very satisfying, enjoyable massage experience.

Additionally, the online and phone booking system has made getting appointments very straightforward and easy. It is just a pity I am leaving the area otherwise I would still be making appointments. Thank you very much for an excellent service.

Sarah, chronic neck pain and spasm

“I had been suffering with a reoccurring neck problem, which would leave me in a lot of pain and fairly immobile. I spent a long time thinking it was a trapped nerve. However, after seeing Katherine I found out it was a muscle problem and even after just one session the pain eased and I was able to move my head! I took a course of sessions over about two months and haven’t looked back, Katherine was also able to show me how I could improve the muscle strength in my neck/back in order to help prevent any reoccurrence. I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone suffering from muscular tension and pain.”

Daniel Hooker, Commonwealth Games sprinter

“In my ultimately successful attempt to gain selection for the England team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in the T37 100m, few people have been as significant as my massage therapist Danielle Barnett at Leyton Sports Massage. I suffer from hemiplegia as a result of cerebral palsy, which leaves me with very tight muscles. Her expertise has been vital in loosening those muscles to provide me with the range of movement necessary for high level sprinting. She has also engaged in longer-term work to lengthen my hip flexors in order to take pressure off my lower back, which had suffered from niggling pains for much of the previous year, as well as working with my physio to ensure swift recovery from a knee injury sustained only ten weeks before the Games themselves. Writing this three weeks before my competition, I feel as loose and fast as I ever had, largely thanks to having doubled the number of massages I have with LSM!”

Christian, general maintenance

“Katherine operates in a very client-centric manner. She is friendly, listens well and aligns her treatment programme to my specific requirements. Perhaps most importantly, her treatments have really made a difference to my sport recovery times and my general sense of well-being.”

Alan, triathlete

“I have been booking a regular sports massage with Katherine for the last 12 – 15 months. I have been training for, and racing in, triathlons during this period. I have my first Iron distance race coming up later this year, so am very conscious of the benefits of sports massage for injury prevention given a high volume of training. Katherine is extremely knowledgeable, and friendly, and I have been delighted with the benefits of her sports massage therapy, so far I have remained injury free, and aches and soreness are always eased with my visits to Katherine. Additionally, tightness in my hamstrings has been eased by Katherine’s knowledge of specific stretches to follow.”

Liz, runner

“I had my first sports massage with Katherine when I was training for the London marathon earlier this year. As my training progressed, I found that it became increasingly difficult to fully stretch my muscles after every run and my body started to ache. Within 24 hours of my first massage, the tightness in my muscles had disappeared. My legs felt less heavy and the training runs became a little easier. After that, I continued to have massages prior to the big race. As distance running can really take its toll on your body, I would definitely recommend regular sports massages to any runner.”

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